About Fulfitness

About Fulfitness

Want to buy a fitness tracker or a smartwatch but not sure which one to get? I'll help you get to your answer here through the product reviews and the articles that compare the best of the best wearables on the market.

Looking for some tricks and tips related to working out and exercise? I try my best to gather all the data through user experiences and studies to provide you with the most effective methods.

Integrating physical activity into your day and keeping tabs on different aspects such as the level of activity, heart rate, calories intake, and sleep patterns is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is why I always update the website with articles about which wearables (fitness trackers or smartwatches) and which ways and methods will help you do that in a way that achieves your goals and gives you satisfying results.

This includes buying guides telling you what features to look for, informational articles providing you with information related to healthy dieting and habits, and articles that compare between different wearables to help you pick the one that suits you the most.

About The Author “Dustin Mathis”

My name is Dustin Mathis. I’ve lived for 24 years and 20 of them I’ve played a type of sport or another –sometimes even multiple sports at once.

As you can tell, I have a passion for physical activity and that's why I Health & Physical education at Adelphi University.

Being fully aware of how important physical activity is to a person's well-being, I decided to start this website to share all kinds of information and knowledge with my viewers.